Casa Orquidea
Vacation Home with Wi-Fi / SmartTV in Vieques, Puerto Rico
Beach Day #3
Go West! for a great third beach day
Green Beach
--a long, narrow beach, facing West with the main island of Puerto Rico and El Yunque on the horizon
...about 20 minutes from Casa Orquidea, but a most amusing drive, with some good stops along the way.
...there's a sandy beachfront road with a number of parking turn-ins, steps away from your private stretch of beach.
...lie back and enjoy the vista of Puerto Rico stretching across the horizon, with El Yunque's rainforest in the clouds.
...gleaming yachts and sailboats anchor just offshore most weekends.

Green Beach, with the main island of Puerto Rico on the horizon.

USGS Aerial of Green Beach, from Punta Arenas at the top, best snorkeling at the bottom, Kiani Lagoon to the right.

On your way home, come "over the hump" on the narrow road just inside the once-threatening fenceline that marks the boundary of what used to be U.S. Navy land.  Go straight past the old radar station on your right, then to the right to reach Playa Grande.

Playa Grande
Along the South Coast, split by a lagoon entrance.  Windy, rocky, heavy broken surf.

USGS aerial of Playa Grande and lagoon behind.

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