Casa Orquidea
Vacation Home with Wi-Fi / SmartTV in Vieques, Puerto Rico
Beach Day #1
Visiting these three beaches is a great way to spend your first full day in Vieques:  Sun Bay, Media Luna & Navio

Sun Bay 
"Sombe", as it's sometime spelled locally, is a five-minute drive, an easy bike ride or about a one-mile walk from Casa Orquidea --the next beach East of Esperanza Bay, on the route over to Navio, Media Luna and the Bio-Bay.

...this is a long, lazy stretch of beach, with gently lapping waves, and fine swimming.
...palm, sea grape, and other trees provide nice patches of shade.
...the only beach with public facilities, a snack bar, even lifeguards some weekends.
...great place for sunsets and stargazing in solitude.
...$2 per car on Wednesday through Sunday, free on Monday and Tuesday.

View along the beach at Sun Bay, looking West toward Monte Pirata.

Aerial image of Sun Bay, an amazing stretch of beach, with Cayo Tierra in the lower left, West of which is Esperanza Bay.  In the upper left, you see the public facilities building --a snack bar, restrooms, showers, campgrounds and ranger office.

Media Luna
...the ultimate in calm, and may be just your place.
...shallow and clear, it's paradise for cautious swimmers, first-time snorkelers, and for contemplation.
...on the road to Navio, so it's not out of your way.

Navio --is a full-on beach, with rolling surf, because it's more square to the Trade Winds. 
...small caves to the East, but watch the waves, and mind the tidal flows.
...cliffs to the West, for jumping from (about 3 meters high), a reward well-earned for walking out the lava rock path.'ll find pick-up volleyball many weekends.
...a couple shady spots, but mostly high-test sun and sand.

Navio's nice surf

USGS Aerial view of Navio --Media Luna is to the West (left)

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